Esperance 2024

High-accuracy 6-DoF GNSS measurements of moored ship motions.

7-8 Jun, Fortune Violet, Berth 3

Port Hedland 2024

Port familiarization.

27 Feb, CSK Enterprise, inbound to Nelson Point D

28 Feb, Nian Feng Hai, outbound from Finucane Island A

29 Feb, PSU Eighth, inbound to Anderson Point 5

Port Taranaki 2023

Port familiarization.

3 Mar, Pelican Island, inbound to Blyde No. 1

3 Mar, Navig8 Goal, inbound to Newton King No. 2

Napier 2023

Port familiarization.

28 Feb, Rio de la Plata, inbound to No. 5 Wharf

Geraldton 2021

New Supramax and Kamsarmax familiarization.

7 Dec, HSL Mexico, outbound from Berth 3

7 Dec, Ming De, outbound from Berth 7

Cape Cuvier 2021

Port familiarization and ship motion measurements.

6 Mar, Alam Kekal, inbound

7 Mar, Alam Kekal, moored

8 Mar, Alam Kekal, outbound

Dampier 2021

Port familiarization.

24 Jan, MV Kotor, inbound to Mistaken Island

26 Jan, MV Kotor, outbound from Mistaken Island

Port Hedland 2019

SensorLog roll measurements on capesize iron ore carriers.

7 Feb, Densa Cobra, outbound from Anderson Point 3

8 Feb, Ever Shine, inbound to Nelson Point D

Broome 2018

SensorLog roll measurements.

8 Aug, Skandi Darwin, offshore vessel, inbound

8 Aug, Ocean Autumn, tanker, outbound

8 Aug, Silver Discoverer, cruise ship, inbound

Geraldton 2018

SensorLog roll measurements.

14 Mar, Rising Sun, inbound to Berth 7

12 May, Sun Princess, inbound to Berth 3

12 May, Sun Princess, outbound from Berth 3

Cape Preston 2017

Transhipment familiarization.

30 Aug, CSL Whyalla, transhipment

Esperance 2017

Port familiarization.

18 Jan, Hebei Challenger, outbound from Berth 3

18 Jan, Star Trader, inbound to Berth 1

Geraldton 2016

High-accuracy GNSS 6-DoF measurements on bulk carriers.

2 Jun, KS Flora, moored Berth 6

3 Jun, Alam Setia, moored Berth 6

4 Jun, Densa Falcon, moored Berth 6

Fremantle 2016

High-accuracy GNSS 6-DoF measurements on container ships.

16 Apr, MSC Ilona, outbound

16 Apr, OOCL Houston, outbound

17 Apr, Seamax Stamford, inbound

17 Apr, Seamax Stamford, outbound

18 Apr, CMA CGM Chopin, inbound

18 Apr, MOL Emissary, inbound

18 Apr, CMA CGM Chopin, outbound

19 Apr, MOL Emissary, outbound

20 Apr, Safmarine Makutu, inbound

21 Apr, MOL Paramount, inbound

21 Apr, Safmarine Makutu, outbound

22 Apr, CMA CGM Lamartine, outbound

22 Apr, MOL Paramount, outbound

24 Apr, OOCL Brisbane, inbound

25 Apr, CMA CGM Wagner, inbound

25 Apr, OOCL Brisbane, outbound

Geraldton 2015

High-accuracy GNSS 6-DoF measurements on bulk carriers.

30 Jan, Diamond Ocean, inbound

2 Sep, Hong Yuan, inbound

2 Sep, Hong Yuan, moored Berth 7

3 Sep, Petani, inbound

3 Sep, Donnacona, inbound

28 Sep, Guo Dian 17, outbound

28 Sep, SFL Spey, outbound

28 Sep, AAL Fremantle, inbound

29 Sep, Feng Huang Feng, outbound

30 Sep, AAL Fremantle, outbound

1 Oct, Sea Diamond, inbound

2 Oct, Sea Diamond, moored Berth 5

2 Oct, Sea Diamond, outbound

Kwinana 2013

Kwinana Bulk Jetty familiarization.

5 Feb, Ocean Spring, outbound

Albany 2008

Port familiarization.

12 Jun, Star Omicron, grain carrier, inbound

13 Jun, Pacific Sky, woodchip carrier, outbound

Torres Strait 2008

High-accuracy GNSS 6-DoF measurements.

1 Feb, Stove Campbell, bulk carrier, eastbound

3 Feb, Prabhu Daya, bulk carrier, westbound

5 Feb, ANL Windarra, container ship, eastbound

7 Feb, British Security, product tanker, eastbound

8 Feb, Athinea, product tanker, eastbound

12 Feb, Iver Example, product tanker, eastbound

13 Feb, Loyal Union, bulk carrier, westbound

15 Feb, Triton Swift, bulk carrier, westbound

16 Feb, Vanda Colossus, bulk carrier, westbound

17 Feb, Cape Moreton, general cargo ship, westbound

20 Feb, Advance II, product tanker, eastbound

Hong Kong 2005

High-accuracy GNSS 6-DoF measurements on container ships.

3 Feb, YM Chicago, inbound

3 Feb, Anna Maersk, inbound

4 Feb, Anna Maersk, outbound

4 Feb, Hyundai Kingdom, outbound

5 Feb, Maersk Dortmund, inbound

6 Feb, Ever Diadem, outbound

6 Feb, Chastine Maersk, inbound

7 Feb, Sally Maersk, inbound

7 Feb, Sofie Maersk, outbound

7 Feb, MSC Laura, outbound

8 Feb, Sally Maersk, outbound

9 Feb, YM Rotterdam, outbound

9 Feb, CMA CGM Bellini, outbound

9 Feb, CMA CGM Vivaldi, outbound

10 Feb, CSCL Oceania, inbound

10 Feb, Axel Maersk, inbound

11 Feb, Axel Maersk, outbound

11 Feb, PONL Shackleton, inbound

12 Feb, PONL Shackleton, outbound

12 Feb, Katrine Maersk, inbound

Ships and boats < 100 m

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